Her and them

She’s a heart,Not a mind. She loved and cared without thinking. They got a question, here to answer. A problem, here to solve. Tears, here to wipe them away and make sure they’ll never come back for the same reason. Sad, here to make them laugh. Doubting here to make them confident again. But them, … More Her and them

You are you

You are not your age,Not the size of the clothe you wear, You are not a weight, You are not the color of your skin Nor the color of your hair. You are not a religion,  And you are not your name.  You are not your grades, Your grades don’t define your intelligence nor your … More You are you

We are wolves

Do you ever wonder why the wolves go out at night and howl?Well i think, they’re hiding it underneath their breath all day long because they’re afraid to let it go went the sun is up. “Afraid of what?”You’ll ask. Well every single wolf has his reasons and sometimes it’s pointless to others.  They are … More We are wolves


Sunsets.  Everything feels beautiful,  the sky become colorful,   On water the reflection is amazing…  But yet everything is dying.  It’s dying for a new begging and maybe a better one. Every day each one of us is given a new beginning, a new chance, to forget everything that happened and start over again and fix … More Sunsets

All we have is now!

Look at you. You’re young. You’re scared. Why are you scared? You  have to stop swallowing your words, stop caring about what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to, don’t say “it’s not on the radio i wont listen to it”, in … More All we have is now!

More about me!! 

Hello everybody, My name is Nicole i’m a teenager who lives in Lebanon a small country in Asia, i’ve been dreaming about beeing a blogger and finaly my first post!!!!!! So this post will be about myself but most of my following posts will be about my 5 main passions wich are: 📷 Photography: i … More More about me!!