We are wolves

Do you ever wonder why the wolves go out at night and howl?Well i think, they’re hiding it underneath their breath all day long because they’re afraid to let it go went the sun is up.

“Afraid of what?”You’ll ask.

Well every single wolf has his reasons and sometimes it’s pointless to others. 

They are afraid from the judgments of their packs.

They want to get it out of their lungs so they wait to be alone and then howl.

“They’re not alone” you’ll say, “they scream from the top of a valley and there’s echo, everyone hears”.

They hide it, but they also want attention.

You know we are like wolves:

  • The howl is the tears, the secrets, the aches.
  • The echo is the rumors and little hints we say in a conversation, instead of saying “hey i need you to help me, take care of me, i’m not fine”, we just leave hints in the way we’re talking, acting,… like it’s not on purpose and wait for them to ask and sometimes they don’t even notice. 
  • The packs is society. 
  • And the valley and the night is our safe place.



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