Everything feels beautiful, 

the sky become colorful, 

 On water the reflection is amazing… 

But yet everything is dying.

 It’s dying for a new begging and maybe a better one. Every day each one of us is given a new beginning, a new chance, to forget everything that happened and start over again and fix our mistakes. Don’t waste a single day thinking about silly mistakes and thoughts in your head. Move on, life is beautiful, and each one of us has his own story to tell and to live, don’t waste it, live it. And if people don’t behave themselfs and didn’t treat you in a good way, it’s their loss, not your. As the saying goes:

Don’t waste sunset on people who won’t even be here at sunrise


Hope you enjoyed this one😊 

Here are some of my sunset photograph👇🏻and btw i didn’t use any filter, the colors are real: 👇🏻👇🏻



7 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. OMG😍 don’t even start me on sunsets ! They are my most favourite thing in the whole wide world 🌅 These photos are to die for!😍 Reminds me of this quote I read somewhere related to sunset; “You were looking at the sunset as if it was the most beautiful thing you ever seen, while I was looking at you thinking the exact same thing.”

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