3 days quote challenge 2

Heyy everybody!! 

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!! That’s my quote for today: 

“The earth has music for those who listen” ~shakespher~

I love this quote soo much, there’s sooooo much to uderstand just in one phrase. 

The people who knows how to live life will understand the true meaning of life: the happiness even tho there are bad moments. 

Hope you enjoyed!!!!


6 thoughts on “3 days quote challenge 2

  1. After today, I certainly believe that sometimes the earth, or the universe, is trying to tell you something – it is singing its song. I met someone yesterday and it appeared like an opportunity was about to open up. This morning I was unsure about whether to make contact or not, had a quick look where they were located and drafted an email to ponder over. I had to look up their location as I had never heard of it before. I then went off to work. You could have struck me down with a feather when I asked the groom at today’s wedding for his address. He was from this location. After the wedding I went back to the office as I needed to check the details for a wedding I am being observed at next week. Now you could have struck me down with a bubble. My mouth fell open – that location again! I seriously think the earth, universe or something out there was trying to give me a message. They had sung their song. I sent my email – how could I not!


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