Life is all about adventures and success:
Each one of us should live life to the fullest, life is not about just sitting behind a desk for the rest of our lives, having good grades and a good job. We have to be successful by finding the perfect job and be excellent at it and of course love it and do it with passion. But put aside that, when you’re on the medias and see pictures of amazing places, don’t you say i wish i could go there or do that?? Well guess what? You can!! In my perspective nothing is impossible if others can do it why don’t you? We have to travel whenever we have a chance to and chase our dreams and do whatever we want. 

Actually i’m willing to visit more countries and places around the world and do more fun and exciting things but i’m just 14 and i can’t do whatever goes through my mind whenever i want or else i would be in London right now😁  but anyway i’m trying to do whatever i can and have as much fun as i can!! 

That’s some pics of my little adventures…👇👇

Disney Land Paris( my favorite place on earth😊✌️)
acting childish while visiting an old village in lebanon💁Fun dayy!!
in a small festivals in leb.🙌the importance is being with great company !! 😁
A walk in the cedars forest in lebanon
visiting an old but breathtaking country in lebanon
small festival with the best company !!
On a giant swing with my best friend (it was terrifing) but fun😁
jason derulo’s concert, it was a blast 👌
my first alcoholic drink with my parents ! but it was awful🙄
walking on the beach in cyprus at sunset and taking amazing photographs
feets in cyprus’s sand🙌
one word: TRAVELLING😻😻
hiked to arrive there☝ it was exhausting but had the time of my life
camping with friends(i adore camping but at one condition that i should have a really great company to have a good time)
Dubai’s desert at sunset!!
atlantis aquarium dubai
dubai’s dancing fountains😍

Hope you enjoyed!!!!


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