More about me!! 

Hello everybody,

My name is Nicole i’m a teenager who lives in Lebanon a small country in Asia, i’ve been dreaming about beeing a blogger and finaly my first post!!!!!! So this post will be about myself but most of my following posts will be about my 5 main passions wich are:

  • 📷 Photography: i take a lot of shots like litteraly A LOT everywhere i go and most of the time whoever is with me gets annoyed and bored when i’m taking pictures because every step i take i have to stop and shoot :p And i really enjoy looking at others photographies. And also one more thing i have a page on instagram named lensesandfilters if you want to check it out it’ll be nice 🙂
  • 🎨 Art : when i’m looking at art it’s like i’m transported to another dimension, just one piece of art can say so much in different ways and in every language, art is the only thing that doesn’t need to be translated. It can bring soo much emotions like happiness/ fear/ sadness/ comfort… I thank whoever created every little piece of art, you people are geniuses!I really like to draw and paint i’ve got some notebooks filled with my drawing and doodles… i’m not a proffesional but just for fun.
  • 🎧 Music : music is like art it transports me to another world and brings so much emotions and memories back. Music is my comfort for everything, it’s my getaway from the real world. I like a lot of singers and genres like rock, grunge and pop.
  • 👠 Fashion : i love to keep on track with all the fashion trends. I can’t get out of the house without my outfits being on fleek. I like to stay classy chic or spice it up sometimes with an urban or grunge style, it depends on my mood :p
  • ✈️ Travelling : i really like travelling, discover new countries and new cultures. I get sooo excited every time my parents tell me that we’re travelling. So far i’m in love with paris i’ve been 3 times to france but just once we got out of paris and spend the day in Deauville but i would really like to go and visit other cities than paris and also i really what to go to London and Thailand 😀  And btw i have the french nationality from my mother.

I hope you enjoyed my first post!! Hope you’ll be there on my second😊✌️❤️


18 thoughts on “More about me!! 

  1. Hey ! So nice to see a new fellow blogger ! Welcome to the WordPress family. We will be looking forward to your new posts and updates. Keep blogging! Hope you have a wonderful experience here. Much love and warm hugs as a welcome party 😊❤️😇


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